Getting out there and travelling is a wonderful thing to do, and there is so much to see and learn on your journeys. One of the things that you should keep in mind when it comes to travelling is that you are taking on a trip that no one else has done before, sure they have been to the places and done similar things but they haven’t seen it through your eyes. For that reason, we are going to talk about documenting your travels so that you can share what the world looks like to you.

  • Blogging

One of the best things you can do when you set off on your travels is start a blog to write about your experiences. You don’t have to start out with the intention of becoming a travel blog sensation, as much as anything it is just nice for your friends and families to read your stories.

Your blogs can be written in many different ways; the most popular would probably be in a diary format; that way you can carefully construct a day by day recollection of your trip for you to look back on in years to come. Alternatively, you might want to approach a blog from the perspective of someone reviewing a country, a city or an attraction. Writing reviews about the places you are visiting will likely change the way you experience it so keep in mind that you’re influencing your travels by how you write.

Whatever style of blog you choose to go with, make sure you are set up and ready to write before you travel. There are many blogging platforms out there for you to try out so get researching in advance of your first flight, perhaps even write an itinerary so that your readers have an idea of what’s coming up.  

  • Photography

Another way to document your travels is to take lots of photographs. A good camera is a must for anyone setting off on a big trip, or even a small one, and luckily these days high-quality photo tech is not hard to come by. You might want to incorporate some of your photos into a blog, but don’t only utilise your lens for that purpose. Taking a photograph is more than just a visual demonstration of where you have been and what you have seen, it tells a story on its own. What you see, as referred to above, is going to be unique to you because it will have your own perspective on it. Taking a photograph that details your vision of the world is just as important as being able to write about it.

If you want to merge the two documentation types together, then remember that there are photo blogging apps like Instagram that allow you to post regular picture updates of your journey along with written descriptions.

  • Personal

Finally, remember that your travels are personal to you so keep something back from shared platforms. A personal diary for you to reflect on years down the line cannot be underestimated.


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  1. Awesome post Tania! I always use to take photographs but never tried about writing a blog.. By my next trip on wards I will start writing about the trip and my experience. Third point is heart touching, yes we should note down in a diary which makes you feel very special even some years after.

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