Being Portuguese, many of my fellow traveller friends, when travelling to Portugal, ask me about things to do and see in Portugal, and mostly in Lisbon. Since I’m not in Lisbon often, and I live far, I’ve decided to go on a walking tour with my friend Raquel, from Lisboa’te Tours!

Raquel started these Lisbon walking tours to share her love for the city. By walking, her guests have more time to embrace and appreciate the local culture, scents, sights, and tastes.

Since I’ve moved out of Lisbon a while ago, with all my travels with The Wanderlust (I still have free places on the Nepal tour), and with the massive tourism boom in Lisbon, I feel I don’t know Lisbon that well anymore. So I though, I’d recommend Raquel to all my friends and fellow travellers that are travelling to Lisbon, as she can also be your friend in town, when I’m not available!

You can contact Raquel on facebook, instagram, and also on the airbnb experiences.

Are you travelling to Porto also?

My amazing friend Marta, is a scriptwriter and also writes for local travel blogs, including Local Porto. Try and reach out to Marta for a complete bespoke tour and pure knowledge of the city! Marta know the best food spots, music venues, cultural events, and more!

You can reach out for Marta through her professional facebook page.

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