This past weekend the Lisboa Dance Festival saw its first edition rise to stun all those who adventured to the self-proclaimed “winter music festival” in Lisbon. It’s a festival that focuses not only on musical performances, but also hosts a music market and talks around the music industry, open to all those who are interested.

Unfortunately for me, it also clashed in a busy week of other events, so I had little time to enjoy the festival.

On day 1 (March 4th) I had the change to interview Magazino, a portuguese DJ with a career span of 20 years (soon on the blog) and see the performances of Miguel Torga, Vakula and Âme, besides Magazino as well.

On day 2 I test drived my new camera (Olympus Pen-F, I will write about it a little bit more in depth in a post soon!), whilst enjoying the performances of Zé Salvador, Xinobi, Moullinex and XDB.


And photos:


Unfortunately I was not present for what I think was this festivals biggest asset, the talks / workshops.

I was held in Lisbon’s hippest cultural hub, LX Faktory. Opting to sell solely festival passes that would grant you access to all the activities in both days, the prices started at only 20€ (early birds), up to 50€ at the door. It spread across five different areas, all indoors.

Outside they had several food trucks and seating area.

Overall I think it started off well, even though I was not present enough time to really have a say on this matter. The only think lacking, in my opinion, was the non-existence of a cloakroom or lockers. Winter means lots of layers and heavy coats, and a winter festival should provide an area where we could store these safely!

Photos are SOOC (straight out of camera), exploring the marvels of Olympus B&W capabitlities and digital coloured filters. They were shot around 4000ISO (!), using Olympus’ incredible inbuilt IS (image stabilizer). I am really happy with it!


  1. great, I mean *Great* post Tania! It’s lovely when a writer is humble enough to talk about what he/she experienced, and instead of vague criticisms one gives suggestions for things to be improved! Too bad we didn’t have much time to have a dance together this time… but it was great to see you again even for short 😉 xX

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