Priscilla is a travel editor and journalist for travel websites such as Chicken or Pasta or Almost Locals. A true digital nomad, Priscilla’s lifestyle cruises on many time zones.

I was luck enough to grab a coffee with her at the amazing Fábulas café in Lisbon (thanks for letting us film!), and Priscilla was kind enough to give us some savvy travel tips, and talk a little bit about ecologic conscience, the importance of bringing clothes when travelling (yes!) and music.

Music “I Knew a Guy” by Kevin MacLeod, from the Free Music Archive | CC BY


  1. WoooooW…nice tips!
    What I love the most is Priscilla’s interview is her ecological conscience 🙂
    I’m from Lisbon and love this amazing city…my favourite place is called Adamastor, wich has an incredible light and energy. People goes there for the view, to spend time with friends: chat, laugh, connect and to drink. Unfortunetely the garbage left behind is tragic!!
    Thank you Priscilla for your coooool vibe, we need more travellers like you…always welcomed to Portugal 🙂

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