In September 2018 we went to Mongolia to scout for locations and stories, and do the first filming of our SPIRIT ANIMAL feature documentary.

We took a lift from UlaanBaatar to Bayan-Ölgii with a group of local Mongolians who were travelling to the Altai to climb Khüiten Peak. It took us five endlessly-long days just to arrive in Ölgii.

During all daylight we would drive the UAZ van, pitch camp at sunset and back to driving at sunrise. We drove across a variety of landscapes, got all season-type weather, saw camels, horses and other packs of animals roaming freely. Mongolia is incredible indeed!


After we spent a night in Ölgii, we set to the steppes to find the traditional Kazakh family that would be our storytellers – Burkut and his beautiful family.

We took food supplies for a few days, a power generator, petrol and other supplies with us… we were ready to pitch our tents, but Burkut and his family happily allowed us to use their guests yurt. This was our home for over two weeks.

We lived with Burkut, accompanied him to the Kazakh Eagle Festival, and by the time we left, we already felt like family…

Now we are very much looking forward to coming back to Altai to finish our filming. I will be like revisiting our family!

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