Arriving in Bogotá

I have already shared with you my experience of arriving in Bogotá here in this post. When I first arrived, I didn’t get the chance to really get to know Bogotá. I left almost immediately to the islands (the day after I’ve arrived), and then flew back about 10 days later. Then, I finally got to really appreciate the joy of Bogotá!

The thing I love the MOST about Bogotá, is how nice and mannered people are. They ALWAYS greet – Buenas, Hola, A la orden, are the expressions you hear all the time. I like that. I like people that acknowledge the presence of another person, and greet, speak out! It’s really depressing to see big cities lose this precious habit. In Bogotá, it’s a joy. And a smile! There is also a security guard or a military outside the buildings, and they also smile and greet. It’s really good to smile and get a smile in return. I must say, I adore the kindness of Colombian people! I felt really welcomed all the time!

One of the Best Cities for Street Art

Just like Lisbon, Bogotá shows up in several guides for street art city guides: The Huffington Post mentions it, Dazed and Fusion both have a dedicated article on it, and TripAdvisor has it on its recommendations too. It’s impossible NOT get lost in the immense diversity of street art “manifestos” all across the city, in such bright colours and forms. Here’s a glimpse of what I saw:

Even the luxurious W Bogotá Hotel features a graffiti wall on it’s lounge:

Having lived in Bristol and currently living in Lisbon, both cities with a vast street art heritage, it’s a joy to see so much colour and so many artists represented in Bogotá.


Plaza Bolívar

Plaza Bolívar

Bogotá is an immense city… It has over 13 million people and was occupied by the Spanish in the early 1500’s, who brought colonial architecture. La Candelaria (the historical neighbourhood of Bogotá) is one of the oldest neighbourhoods, and it still features the colonial architecture.

Usaquén is a nice neighbourhood up North of Bogotá, and besides featuring great architecture, it has a really cozy feel and has AMAZING restaurants, a good shopping mall, a great street market (Sundays) and a park. I was staying in this neighbourhood. And here is also where “modern” meets “historical”. Great glass façade buildings breakthrough the historical landscape, house hotels, fancy apartments, big company HQ’s. Bogotá is a thriving city, and Usaquén gets its heartbeat pumping!

This is also where I learned that Colombians LOVE Christmas!

…and also that they carry their architecture through afterlife:

In other parts of town, you’ll find the big skyscrapers, like the Torre Colpatria (here featuring the colours of the French flag, to honour the victims of the November 13th bombings – this photo was taken on November 15th).

The Torre Colpatria light up with the French flag colours

Saving the best for last, my next post I will talk to you about FOOD. And you don’t wanna miss that… 😀

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