My first flight was Lisbon – Amsterdam. We left with a 45min delay due to foggy weather in Northern Europe. My flight was Lisbon’s first departing flight, at 5am. I had no sleep the night before, as I had a long journey ahead, and was really hoping I could sleep on the plane.

When I arrived in Amsterdam, my friend Priscilla (editor for Chicken or Pasta and Almost Locals), came to have coffee with me at the airport.

It’s always great to come back to Amsterdam, even if it’s just for a quick stop like this, and even better to see my friends there 🙂

After my 3h stop in Amsterdam I boarded my final flight to Bogotá. I had forgotten how painful it is to take such a long flight! Ufff…. 11h, and again, we left with a little delay, as 2 passengers didn’t show up for boarding and they had to get their luggage offloaded. It’s such a long, painful flight, that I ate 5 meals onboard, saw 3 feature films and slept 5 times. And still, we were never “there yet”.

I always order special meals onboard, especially because I follow a paleo-based diet. This time I chose gluten-free meal, but was a bad choice, as it comes with lots of ingredients that are off the paleo allowed foods…

Still, special meals are great, not only because they are be made by order, but also because you get to be served first onboard… and this is great, because you get to use the lavatories before everyone else decides to also use the lavatories. By then you’ll already be having a nap! KLM (as well as most major airliners) offers the meal ordering service for free, you can choose from a variety of “diets”, from gluten-free, lactose-free, fat-free, kosher, and many others… You choose when you’re checking in to your flight online, up to 24h prior to departure.

And then, finally, El Dorado! El Dorado Airport was surprisingly empty, as compared to what we see on TV. I was hoping to find a busy chaotic airport, but was actually quite “simple” and easy to cross through. We get our luggage scanned upon arrival, just like we to prior to checking in. Before leaving the airport, we must handover a form that we’re giving still during the flight, containing information about imported items, where we’re staying, how much we are intending to spend during our stay…

I left the airport at 6.30pm. As I went for a taxi, a random guy just came out of nowhere, and offered to help put my bag in the truck and immediately asked me for a gratitude (even before he got my bag)… I did not have any COP change so I gave him 1€ coin and he was all happy. I now understand exactly what 1€ is compared to Colombian Pesos!

20kms and 50mins later, I arrived at my friends house. This was a 28000COP run, plus the 2000COP I tipped the driver. I was greeted at my friends home with some aguardiente. Apparently, this aguardiente is “famous” around here for being Pablo Escobar’s drink. I poured it down, and off I went to sleep. I was knackered!

NOTE: it’s not very safe to walk around Bogotá, especially alone and / or during the night. However, taxis from the airport ARE safe. I had no problems at all!


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