A photographer by trade and a culture lover, I love travelling the world in search of the most fascinating local stories, that allow me to experience, document and share through words and images to other people. The mountains and the wilderness fascinate me, and I enjoy exploring remote locations and cultures the most.

I graduated in Photography at the University of the West in England, in Bristol, UK, and took a post-graduate degree in Anthropology at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. These were the years I started travelling the most, even though they were only little weekend getaways around Europe. I landed my first job in the travel industry as a travel writer for iwannagothere.com in 2009. Despite this, my main work was always in the Music industry, first years as a PR, and later as a music photographer.

In 2011 and 2013 I had surgeries on both my feet, from a skiing accident. It was hell. The recovery from the latest was long and painful, and the doctor instructed me to never run again. Stranding me down made me frustrated, and my life goal shifted to purse all things that truly fulfilled me. So after my recovery, I took all the gigs to save up money for travelling, but it was not that easy, like we read and hear from other peoples inspiring stories…

In 2014 I took a photography project to do a road trip around Europe with two other visual artists, photographing random citizens. We travelled across europe, stopping in 10 different cities, selling rides on blablacar to help fund the trip and the project.

We got knackered in the end, but it made me realise that perhaps this was the direction I was probably aiming for…

In April the following year, we exhibited our work from the project at the Fábrica Braço de Prata, in Lisbon. I was truly enthusiastic about sharing our stories, our images, our work overall. But with the exhibition, there was also a sense of closure, of ending.

What next, now?

Later that year, I purchased a random last-minute flight, from a special deal I got on the KLM newsletter on my inbox. Destination: Colombia!

I didn’t know anyone that had been to Colombia, and I didn’t even have a proper backpack at the time. I left with a borrowed 1970’s military backpack from a friends father, zero bookings or plans, and a great will to learn about the world. Most people were crazy worried I was gonna be travelling solo in Colombia…

On Friday 13th, November 2015, I was chilling in an amazing hostel in Santa Marta, when I read the news about the Bataclan attack in Paris, where 137 lives perished whilst enjoying what I’d done most of my life: music. This, hit me really hard. There was I, solo travelling in a country most europeans still thought would be unsafe for travelling, when my peers were being murdered back home. This really, really hit me hard.

I understood then that “fear” is nothing but a mental barrier we create to stop us from doing the things we love. We fear the unknown, we fear the dark. But society has also made us fear other cultures, other religions, anything other than our own. I didn’t realise it back then, but I this shaped my passion for travelling in remote locations and accepting challenges… I guess!

I did my first ever video on this little Colombia trip, having zero video-editing skills, and capturing all images with only my lousy iPhone 4 and a lame GoPro Hero3. By the time I got back to Portugal, I replaced all my heavy professional dSLR equipment, to buy the lighter and more versatile mirrorless system. I also had decided to quit my music photography work, and really save up: now I wanted to explore more this ideia of making travel videos.

Then I also sold my car. By August 2016, I already had enough money to get a one-way ticket and just go.

I left Portugal, wanting to do a round-the-world trip. I had put an expiry date on things, and I just wanted it all now. I started my trip with Moscow. I took the train, stopping in different places, and ended up in Mongolia. And I fell in love with Mongolia. All the roughness, the emptiness, that harsh lifestyle, the rawness of it all. I ended up staying until the entire 30 days that my visa allowed me. And I new my round-the-world had just gone down the drain, because now I was in no rush to get nowhere. I was just living.

After Mongolia, I travelled across China. I visited North Korea, a long-time forbidden wish I had to “explore” this closed country. Afterwards, a little stop-over in India, where I met with my friends Inês and Yuri, from the Makkina, to cross overland to Nepal, where I’d do my first very long trekking on the Himalayas.

Short of cash and already in 2016, I moved to Cambodia, where I I got a job as an English teacher in Phnom Penh. I came to realise Cambodia was not really for me: hot weather and not many mountains, so I decided to move on, and I ended up in Vietnam. I entered Vietnam by boat, on the Mekong Delta. In Ho Chi Minh City I bought a small motorcycled, which I nicknamed “Dora, the explorer”. Dora and I travelled over 3000kms in Vietnam, through some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve seen in my life. Close to the end of my trip, already in Hanoi, I met Miriam, founder of The Wanderlust. That was the end of a trip and the beginning of a journey, as now I work as a tour leader for The Wanderlust, a dream job that allows me to both go back to the countries I love, and share the stories like I’ve always wanted to do.

During this trip, I filmed, edited and published images from each country, to improve my filming and editing. When I got back, I compiled the best images into a single video, showing my short not-around-the-world journey. Together with 40 images from that trip, I held two exhibitions (Oporto and Lisbon), screened the video and served a 5 course-meal featuring the best flavours from my trip.

It all comes down to sharing.

So, picking up on all the bits and bobs from these almost five years wandering around, time as come to start getting all my stuff organise and share it with all those who want to explore more, overcome their fears, and wander without an expiry date. And that’s why travellingwithtania.com was born!

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