3º Trail Subida ao São Macário. This trail running is a local competition, in the area of São Pedro do Sul, in Viseu – Portugal.

Organised by the “GTT SPS – Grupo Todo o Terreno de São Pedro do Sul” with the help of the local council, this trail features long (35Km), short (20Km) and mini (7Km) categories. I did a little video accompanying the long running athletes.

It was a really tough day. The entire country was under an orange warning for bad weather – rain and wind – but the athletes still managed to pull it through! It was harder for me to try and follow up. The areas they run through are some of the most stunning landscapes in Portugal, crossing old villages, encounters with different animals, and a really rough terrain.

Still, it’s all worth it in the end!

This is something I’m trying to develop more, the ability to film trail runs and local life on the mountains. Thank you to the GTT SPS for the opportunity. I hope you like it!

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